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New Views Inside Jennifer Lopez's Cheaper-Than-Ever Mansion

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Is that the navel-cut green Versace dress in that enormous closet in J. Lo's Hidden Hills house??

Early last year, multi-hyphenate entertainer Jennifer Lopez put her sprawling house in ritzy Hidden Hills up for sale with a hearty $17 million pricetag. Maybe it was a little too hearty. The house, on and off the market since then, has been pricechopped (again), says the LA Times. It's now down to $12.5 million, though it looks every bit as alluring as it did $4.5 million ago, and perhaps even more in these new photos and video.

The three-acre property comes with a pool and spa, a "children's play area," an outdoor living room, and access to equestrian trails. There's also the more than 17,000-square-foot residence, which holds nine bedrooms including the master suite with its own terrace. The dance studio, recording room, and 20-seat home theater setup are part of the house's "entertainment wing," which also includes "a significant dressing room closet wing." (Is that JLo's famous green Versace dress in that closet wing??)

That list price again was $12.5 million, and don't worry, JLo will still be making a bit of money on the deal: she only paid $8.2 million when she and then-husband Marc Anthony bought it in 2010.

Take a tour of the property: