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If LA's Trains Disappeared: A Walking Map of Metro

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An alternate version of the Los Angeles Metro map

It seems like at least once a year, a windy day knocks a branch onto the Gold Line wires and takes out service for a little while. Riders stuck at a station waiting for information (or Metro shuttle buses) might wonder if it wouldn't just be faster to walk to the next station on their route. Now there's an easy way to know how feasible that solution is.

Martin Leitner of the architecture firm Torti Gallas and Partners shared with Curbed this alternate version of the Los Angeles Metro map, which shows walking times between stations on light rail and the Orange Line busway. The times are based on walking directions from Google Maps. (A higher resolution version can be seen here.)

The map shows that while some stations are a walkable seven or eight minutes apart, there are also a handful of stations where that would be a long walk indeed, like Long Beach Boulevard and Lakewood on the Green Line, where the walking distance between the two is an estimated 104 minutes. (They're separated by the LA River and the giant 105/710 interchange.) The Red Line's Hollywood/Highland and Universal City/Studio City stations, a 79-minute walk apart along Cahuenga, is another long haul. However, along the soon-to-open Expo Line extension to Santa Monica, walk times are solidly in the double digits, but never top about a half-hour; the same goes for the Eastside leg of the Gold Line.

This "map hack," as Leitner calls it, could be useful next time there's an issue at your station, letting you know if it's possible to just hoof it to the closest alternative. If you're at Mariachi Plaza trying to head toward Union Station, that might work; if you're at the Arcadia station headed west, not so much.