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Take a Look at Civic Center's New Cycletrack

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The ride will be so much smoother, literally and figuratively

Get ready for some protected bikes lanes, Downtown. This Tweet shows a new cycletrack going in in Civic Center, and it's not too far from being ready for use. The ultra-safe protected lanes, a project from the Bureau of Street Services and the LA Department of Transportation, will run between First Street and Alameda along Los Angeles Street, LADOT Communications Director Bruce Gilman tells us in an email.

They're part of a project that will include bus stop islands and street resurfacing (so, a literally smoother ride), according to a construction notice for the project. The lanes are scheduled to be up and running for people on bikes as of May 15.

These lanes aren't quite as long as the two that might be coming to Spring and Main streets—those would run from Cesar Chavez Avenue all the way to Olympic—but they will hopefully help link Civic Center to Union Station in a way that's safer for cyclists, especially where freeway on-ramps are concerned.