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Disneyland's Snappy New Autopia Unveiled Today

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The cars are now much sportier

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After closing in January for "routine maintenance," the car-driving attraction Autopia is open today with sleek new sports cars, says Disney Parks blog. The ride opened in 1955, and many of the cars right before the closure had a kind of throwback look to them. The new cars look like something Magnum P.I. would drive—flashy Honda-branded sports cars in red, black, white, royal blue, silver. So now drivers on the ride can ram a much cooler, less cartoony-looking car into the person in front of them. Fun!

Autopia has for generations been a place for kids to have their first experience behind the wheel, and for many, it is an accurate depiction of driving in LA: sometimes thrilling but always crowded.

Went to Disneyland to sit in LA traffic. #honda #hondaautopia #autopia

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It might be a while before the next big opening at the park—the anticipated Star Wars land broke ground recently but still doesn't have a timeline or opening date that's publicly available. The park's Rivers of America section (where the steamboat was) was closed down as part of the Star Wars closures, but will be coming back at some point, looking pretty amazing.

Taking a leisurely drive on the newly reopened #Autopia! #poweredbyhonda #tomorrowland #car #driving #TGIF

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Autopia reboot, now with Honda #disneyland #autopia #tomorrowland #honda #reboot #nowopen

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