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Bike Share Coming to UCLA, Westwood This Fall

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UCLA bikes will be compatible with those in SaMo and WeHo

Santa Monica's got it, West Hollywood's getting it, and now UCLA is prepping to roll out some sweet bike share. UCLA students are going to have on-campus sharable bikes starting in the fall, the Daily Bruin reports. A bike share at the university has been in the works for a while, but now there's a solid start date.

Bike stations will be located on UCLA and in Westwood Village, too. UCLA transportation officials tell the Bruin that they've planned spots for the bike hubs, but that those locations might change before the summer, when all the details are expected to be finalized.

The bike share operator for UCLA will be CycleHop, which also operates Santa Monica bike share and will be running WeHo's soon-to-launch program as well, "so students will be able to pick up a bike from UCLA and drop it off in a neighboring city."

The bikes won't be compatible with Metro's bike share, which should be opening soon (mid-2016 was the estimate), meaning that UCLA riders and CycleHop bikes couldn't be returned to Metro bike kiosks.