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There is Now Some Cell Service in Downtown LA Subway Tunnels

Verizon customers, you lucky dogs

Finally, victory in the battle to bring cell service to Los Angeles's subway tunnels: Verizon customers who have 4G LTE phones officially have cell service in between Union Station and Seventh Street/Metro Center, reports The Source. (Apparently, it's been up for about a month, but that was a testing period; this is the real deal.) Cell service for these Red and Purple line stations bleeds over to the Expo and Blue Line platforms at the Seventh Street station, too, which is a nice perk.

Verizon was just the first through the wall of cell servicelessness, but more service providers are soon to follow suit. No, really! Metro and the company providing the equipment to make the magic happen, InSite Wireless, say that Sprint and T-Mobile have signed on to bring service to their customers in the Downtown tunnels, and that it'll "be available in two to three months." For those with AT&T, the news is less exciting; talks with them are still just "ongoing."

The next round of cell service will expand deeper into the Purple Line, from Seventh/Metro to Wilshire/Western. That should be up by this fall, Metro says. After the Purple Line, service will go to the end of the Red Line (the North Hollywood station), and the underground stations of the Gold Line in Pasadena and East LA. Cell service should be in these locations sometime in 2017.

The process of getting cell service has been held up a couple times, and, at least most recently, the reason was drawn out negotiations between cell service providers and InSite Wireless. Now that Verizon is onboard, and soon, T-Mobile and Sprint will be too, hopefully those lengthy talks are winding down and everyone can start making calls and sending texts from inside the tunnels in the very near future.