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Watch the Gross Removal of the San Onofre Whale Carcass

An excavator and bulldozer execute a parks department plan to chop up and haul away a decomposing whale

Well, it actually happened. Yesterday, state parks officials announced a plan to hack apart a decomposing gray whale at San Onofre State Beach and haul the parts off to a landfill. Today, that stomach-churning idea became reality as a construction crew went to town on the expired marine mammal using an excavator and bulldozer. Somehow there is footage of this horrible event and, thanks to the Orange County Register, it's available for your consumption. Mercifully, the video seems to have been edited a bit to spare viewers from some of the truly gory moments. Still, there's enough whale chopping in there to warrant a bold-font graphic content warning at the outset. It certainly isn't something we'd recommend putting on during dinner.

Meanwhile, it seems that the work at San Onofre State Beach is not yet done. According to the Register, dump trucks weren't able to haul away the entire carcass before the landfill where it was being taken closed for the day. Workers "covered and secured what remained" of the whale and will start back up tomorrow.