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This Spanish-Style House in Silver Lake Has an Amazing Treehouse

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Lounge in a tree and enjoy the view at this home in the Moreno Highlands

This 1948 Spanish-style house in Silver Lake's fancy Moreno Highlands neighborhood has a lot of attractive features, including killer views, terraced gardens, and a pair of luxurious looking bathrooms. But the most distinct feature of the 1,317-square-foot residence (dubbed "casatorena" in the listing copy) is a deck perched above the patio in a tree. This inventive take on the treehouse concept is currently outfitted with outdoor furniture—including a couch—and a wicker basket that can be lowered by rope to transport provisions. No worries if your climbing skills aren't what they used to be; the treehouse is accessed by "an automated staircase that goes up and down at your command."

In general, the home—which looks a little cozy on the inside—seems built for entertaining. Treehouse aside, the large patio features an outdoor fireplace and barbecue area. A tricked out kitchen and sizable wine storage area will help to keep guests satiated. This perfect hipster hangout is asking $1.7 million.