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This Midcentury Time Capsule Has a Lot of Fun Wallpaper

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Have some groovy cocktails and enjoy the view in Brentwood

This time capsuley midcentury house in Brentwood looks like a great place to have some groovy cocktails and enjoy the view. The five-bedroom residence features a double-sided fireplace, walls of glass, and a large bar in the living room. There are some unfortunate popcorn ceilings, but nobody's perfect.

The master bedroom overlooks the non-kidney-shaped pool and has an excellent view. Many of the other rooms don't have such large windows, but offer just as much excitement for the eye, thanks to some very confident wallpaper choices (see the peacock wall covering in one of the four bathrooms) that hopefully can be maintained, but probably will not be.

It's listed for $3.695 million.