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The Broad Museum Got Its Own Jeopardy! Category

LA's most Instagrammable art museum joins the Louvre and the Guggenheim in receiving the TV honor

Last night, Downtown LA's newest museum, The Broad, joined the ranks of the Louvre, the Smithsonian, and the Guggenheim as the museum received a whole Jeopardy! category devoted to the art that was on exhibit when it opened last fall.

The LA Times reports that the game show got in touch with the museum in February, and writers from the show received a special, "in-depth" tour of the museum by the institution's assistant curator.

ArtInfo caught the episode and notes in a recap that contestants didn't seem to be too eager to start in on the category, "not touching it until practically all the other Double Jeopardy clues had been picked."

Contestants were asked to name the technique used to create Andy Warhol's famous and brightly colored Marilyn Monroe portraits and identify artists of major works at The Broad ("phrased as a question, please.").

One contestant, who just so happened to be from LA, answered three of the five questions about the museum and ended up the evening's winner. The relationship between knowing about the museum and winning money on TV should definitely be brought up on every school tour of The Broad.