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Looking Out (and Down) From Atop the Wilshire Grand

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The mayor got to see the view from the future tallest tower in the West, which workers enjoy all the time

Mayor of Instagram @ericgarcetti at the Wilshire Grand this morning.

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Yesterday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti took a trip up to the 69th floor of the under-construction Wilshire Grand in Downtown. The structure, which, thanks to its spire, will be the tallest building in the West when it's finished, topped off its 73 stories last month and is heading towards its expected completion date in March 2017. The mayor snapped some great shots, but he's not the only one who's been taking photos from the vertiginous top recently.

It seems like the workers keep things pretty lively up there. One guy got a haircut on what appears to be the very top of the building, while others took terrifying photos looking not out but down from the highest floors. Many of the photographers are on-site workers who get to look at the view every day, but are still clearly impressed. See all the latest photos here:

That's the view from 72! | #R3KVL #TheHighRiseBoys

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Wilshire Grand

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