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Midcentury Throwback by Palmer & Krisel Asking $695,000 in Northridge

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Take a trip to 1957 in this classic post and beam, complete with pool and tiki bar

Los Angeles is filled with residences built in the classic midcentury style of the postwar housing boom, but it's rare to see one hit the market looking as stuck in time as this Northridge residence designed by the prolific architectural firm of Dan Palmer and William Krisel. A few modern accessories aside (most of them appear to be shoved out of the way in an office behind the kitchen), the home looks ready to host a tupperware party or a boozy game of bridge on the back patio. Ready to assist in the latter circumstance is a (helpfully labeled) bamboo bar, complete with vintage tiki sculptures. Take a close look at the globe perched on said bar and we suspect you might find countries like Rhodesia and the USSR.

The three bedroom home takes up 1,812 square feet of a quarter-acre lot and features the sweeping butterfly roof design that is a feature of so many Palmer & Krisel properties. Per the listing, features include polished concrete floors and original light fixtures. The 1.75 bathrooms are equipped with some classic midcentury tile-work and pink porcelain fixtures (naturally). A large backyard comes with a generously-sized pool and what appears to be a built-in picnic table. This 1957 time machine is asking $695,000.