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Kirk Douglas's Midcentury Estate in Palm Springs Up For Sale

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The actor's long-time and very lovely property backs up to Leonardo DiCaprio's place

Actor Kirk Douglas's lovely one-time estate in the Las Palmas neighborhood of Palm Springs has hit the market and it comes with a pretty exciting neighbor. The five-bedroom house was designed by architect Donald Wexler—the inventor of Palm Springs Modernism—who also designed a house for Dinah Shore that was purchased by Leonardo DiCaprio in 2014. That property backs up to this one, so the buyer would basically be neighbors with Leo.

The 1954 Douglas house was designed for the owner of the Colony Palms hotel in Palm Springs, but he sold the house to Douglas in the late 1950s, the Desert Sun says. Douglas lived there until 1999, when the current owners bought the place.

The 4,000-square-foot post and beam sits on a roughly three-quarter-acre lot, with a tennis court, a tennis pavilion, and a building that was used as a gym. The residence's interiors include glass that wraps around most of the house and multiple atriums, the marketing materials say.

The house has been altered over the years—the living area was expanded to make room for a formal dining room, the pool and pool house (now wallpapered with posters for old movies featuring the star) were Douglas-era additions—but the owners have made few changes, according to the Sun. It's a little grandma-style in there, but with bones this nice, does it really matter? The house is listed for $3.45 million.