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Los Angeles Rent Comparison: What $1,700 Rents You in LA

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Not bad for the money

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent for a certain dollar amount in various LA 'hoods. Our friends at Zumper have helped us out with five listings within $100 of today's price: $1,700.

↑ This one-bedroom in Santa Monica (near Santa Monica College) is in a cute little courtyard-style complex. The kitchen is not huge but appears to have a fair amount of cabinet space, and the bedroom looks bright and spacious. Rent is $1,799.

↑ The bathroom looks a little bit older but the kitchen in this one-bedroom in Fairfax is "newer" and has granite counters. There are wood floors in most of the apartment and there's laundry on-site somewhere, but only street parking. Rent is $1,750.

↑ This Silver Lake two-bedroom is nearly 50 percent cheaper than most in the neighborhood, says Zumper. The kitchen is small but bright, and everything looks like it's fairly newish, but there aren't any pictures of the bedrooms. That would be kind of suspicious, but with the rest of the apartment looking so nice, how bad can they be? Rent is $1.795.

↑ There's a lot of new stuff in this Hollywood one-bedroom—new appliances (stainless steel), new floors, and new fixtures throughout—and the bedroom is big enough to fit a king-size bed, supposedly. The building also has a gym, on-site laundry, and an "all pets welcome" policy. Rent is $1,775.

↑ "Two to three blocks from Starbucks, Wells Fargo Bank, Panda Express," and a handful of other familiar chains, this one-bedroom apartment in Mid-Wilshire has an updated bathroom, a washer and dryer, one parking spot, and recently refinished hardwood floors.