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Report: Los Angeles is Still the Smoggiest

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Los Angeles once again got a failing grade for its air quality, but it is getting better

Los Angeles's air could be better, but at least new findings say its quality is on the rise. According to a new report out from the American Lung Association, Los Angeles has been doing well, with its lowest levels of overall air pollution in the report's 17-year history and its fewest "unhealthy ozone days" ever. (Ozone pollution, aka smog, comes from things like car emissions and coal-fired plants.)

But despite the relative improvements, the Los Angeles metro area still managed to top the list of most ozone polluted cities, "as it has for all but one of the 16 reports," the full report states. Not great news for the lungs of Angelenos.

The entire SoCal region has seen a dramatic, 90 percent reduction in particle pollution since the report first began, the San Bernardino Sun says. The ALA's 2016 report shows that LA County had just eight days in the report period when particle levels were high enough to be considered unhealthy; the ALA's 2004 report counted 84 such days in LA County.

In terms of ozone pollution, there were 109 unhealthy days reported in the county, a drop from 159 days in 2005. Still, on a pass/fail grading system from the ALA, LA County failed as far as the 2016 report was concerned.

The 2016 State of the Air report used data from 2012 to 2014.