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LA Gallery Becomes Atomic Wasteland

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Bombs, drugs, and desert plants come together in new exhibit

A few artists from Germany have created a bizarre homage to the nuclear testing grounds of the Southwest in an LA gallery. According to the LA Times, the Desert Now exhibit on display at Steve Turner was inspired by a drug-laden trip artists Julius Von Bismarck, Julian Charriere and Felix Kiessling took to the desert locations where the United States has tested many of its nuclear weapons.

The gallery features a number of curious and misshapen sculptures resting on pedestals filled with sand. A vibrating yucca plant sits in the corner of one room. A video projected on the wall shows footage of bombs exploding.

With its own peculiar history of nuclear testing (and drug use), LA might be the perfect place for such an apocalyptic exhibit. Heck, much of the blast footage projected onto the walls was probably shot by employees of the top-secret military film studio once headquartered in Laurel Canyon.

The exhibit is on display until April 23. And if you can't swing a visit, at least enjoy this video of one of the more intriguing pieces on display: a tumbleweed stuck on a treadmill.