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Eagle Rock Flip Asks $1.05 Million

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Bohemian Modern bungalow has seen quite a transformation

This Bohemian Modern bungalow in Eagle Rock has seen quite a transformation since it was last sold in 2014. The four-bedroom, 7,000 square-foot home sold for $605,000 when the listing offered buyers the opportunity to "remodel and build your dream home." Challenge apparently accepted, though the dream will soon belong to someone else. The thoroughly redesigned home is now asking $1.05 million.

Highlights include a spacious living room and entertainment area with hardwood floors throughout and a kitchen with new stainless steel appliances and absolutely no trace of the horrendously dated cabinetry that adorned the walls when the house was last sold.

Per the listing, "high end and custom gold finishes, upscale and unique lighting fixtures, and a myriad of custom and hand glazed tiles gracefully pepper the home." This certainly seems to be true in the master suite, with an elegant bathroom that features a bathtub, shower, and double sink.

The backyard has received some interesting landscaping, with a grassy island rising from a sea of gravel circled by a rock path. There's also a nice back deck with room enough for a small seating area.