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LA Public Library Has an Arty New Card Designed by Shepard Fairey

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The street artist gives the city's library card an overdue overhaul

The Los Angeles Public Library's card was due for an update after more than two decades without a change, and they teamed up with street artist and known library booster Shepard Fairey to get the job done.

The card's new look, from Fairey and artist Cleon Peterson, was originally designed for the Annual Toast of the library's Young Literati group, but looks pretty good on the card. Waste not, want not! The new card shows a stylized version of Downtown's beautiful Central Library in black and olive green.

Though City Librarian John Szabo said at an unveiling press conference that he wants a card in the "purse, wallet, and backpack of every Angeleno," those who've already got a library card in there aren't left out of the fun. According to the Library Foundation, folks who have the older version of the library card can go in and, for the $3 replacement fee, swap out their existing card for the fancy new one at any of the library's 73 branches, while supplies last.