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Watch the Rams Move Into Their New SoCal Home

A new video shows the team setting up shop at their new practice facility in Oxnard

Just a few months after officially getting the go-ahead to return to Los Angeles, the Rams have (sort of) completed their move. Currently they're holed up at a Residence Inn in Oxnard, where off-season workouts began today. Technically that's in Ventura County, but hey, the LA Rams played for 15 years in Anaheim even before moving to St. Louis. For now, Oxnard is close enough. A video released by the Rams shows how the team is settling into its new home.

In the past, the hotel the Rams are staying at (seen here in several sweeping aerial shots) has hosted the Saints and Cowboys for shorter mini-camps. The Rams, however, will be calling Oxnard home for the next three months. As the video illustrates with some cool time-lapse footage, that's forced team personnel to import an enormous amount of equipment in order to set up temporary facilities for players and staff to use until the team moves onto UC Irvine for training camp. After that, the team will set up a training facility at Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks that they plan to use for the next two seasons.

A recent LA Times article details just how much stuff the Rams have packed up and shipped off to California from their former St. Louis headquarters. Staff members reportedly photographed and inventoried more than 25,000 items to keep track of the things moving out west. These items include the expected barbells and shoulder pads, along with more unusual freight like a taxidermied ram named Cliff and a surfboard belonging to head coach Jeff Fisher (it's unclear what that was doing in Missouri to begin with). Not being shipped: anything with the name of the city the Rams are leaving behind. It seems the team doesn't want any mementos of St. Louis floating around its new SoCal facilities.