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Los Angeles Metro Trying to Cut Down on 'Seat Hogging'

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Metro is working on a strategy to fine passengers who take up valuable transit seats

Los Angeles is working on catching up with other big transit agencies across the country who fine passengers for putting their bag on an empty seat. These so-called "seat hogs" who use free space for their latest haul from the mall or backpack could be looking at a fine in the future, says KPCC.

In the San Francisco area, Bay Area Rapid Transit's recently passed rules include tiered fines based on the number of times a person's violated the anti-seat-hogging rule. In New York and Seattle, transit agencies have similar rules.

The details are still being worked out, a Metro rep with the agency's Security and Law Enforcement division tells KPCC, so it's not yet clear how much fines would be. But plans for the anti-seat hog regulations got underway months ago, and Metro's now putting together a "task force."

The task force will be figuring out "a strategy that weighs all the factors, such as riders with medical conditions or weight issues." Once a formal plan is put together, then the details on how it would be enforced could be worked out, the rep says. No word if the rules would extend to those engaging in manspreading, the practice of gentlemen taking up valuable seat space with their widespread legs.