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It's Record-Breakingly Hot in Los Angeles Again

This past weekend set a record and it's not gonna even start cooling off until tomorrow

This past weekend was a hot one of record-setting proportions in SoCal. All across the Los Angeles and Oxnard area (which are lumped together in the National Weather Service forecasts), temps pushed the mercury up to bold new heights, says the LA Times.

Long Beach Airport hit 90 degrees yesterday, beating out a 1999 record of 89 degrees; Santa Barbara Airport's 81-degree record was beaten out by yesterday's 86-degree heat, according to the NWS. Recent winds coming from the northeast have mostly been responsible for the heat, a NWS meteorologist tells the Times. (Santa Anas?)

Though the week is expected to cool off significantly as the weekend nears, today is exempt from that trend—it'll be "another unseasonably hot day" that's expected to be about 89 degrees Downtown.

Thankfully, beginning Tuesday, temperatures are going to drop 15 to 18 degrees, a NWS meteorologist says, as those warming winds shift and the days cool off so they are a little closer to "seasonal averages."

So Downtown will likely be about 89 today, but on Tuesday, it'll be about 82 degrees, then 80 on Wednesday, 75 on Thursday, and 74 on Friday, the NWS meteorologist says. By the weekend, there might even be a chance of rain.