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Watch a Dirt Biking Real Estate Agent Jump an On-Ramp to the 101

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Former Motocross rider turned realtor may be in trouble with the Highway Patrol

San Luis Obispo realtor Topher Ingalls "grew up a competitor." That's what it says in the bio section of his website. Then it goes onto describe his exploits as a skateboarder and dirtbiker. The former Motocross rider clearly believes his past life in extreme sports gives him an edge in the world of home sales. And it's that thought that apparently inspired him to make an absolutely insane promotional video showing his 'drive to work.'

Dressed in a neatly pressed shirt and tie, Ingalls hops on his dirt bike and literally jumps onto the 101. Speeding through traffic, jumping fences, and taking a few off-road shortcuts, he somehow arrives at the office with his clothing spotless. All the while, Ingalls describes in voiceover how his biking skills have transferred smoothly to realty.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the California Highway Patrol was too impressed by Ingalls's exploits. According to the LA Times, they're now investigating the video to see if Ingalls broke any laws during the filming--though it seems like the answer to this question is a very obvious yes. "It is disturbing that someone would drive so carelessly on the freeways like that, putting innocent people in danger," CHP officer Patrick Seebart told the Times.

Probably because of scrutiny from law enforcement, Ingalls has taken the video down from his website. Fortunately, it lives on thanks to the good people at Cycle World, who have uploaded it to their site, along with a glowing review. "It’s essentially a promotional video for [Ingalls's] real estate business," they write, "but an inspiring and entirely entertaining one with meaning behind it."