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Stately Los Feliz Colonial by Wallace Neff Asking $2.397 Million

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The well-maintained manor by old Hollywood architect Wallace Neff has some quirky interior design and an impressive shower

Influential California architect Wallace Neff (of Pickfair fame) designed this stately Colonial in Los Feliz. Dating back to 1935, the four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath home looks to have been quite well maintained and restored over the years. Notable features include hardwood floors throughout, a mahogany-walled library, and a breakfast area with California China tile flooring. A pair of wide bay windows seem to keep the downstairs living areas pretty light and airy. The back and side yards are well landscaped and include a pool and stone fountain.

The current interior design is a bit quirky (there's an interesting hands motif going on here), but there's a lot of historic California charm here. Most intriguing of all, the listing boasts that the master bathroom offers "quite possibly the most extraordinary shower in Los Feliz." Now, it's hard to comment on a shower without actually using it, but the formidable overhanging nozzle certainly looks pretty impressive. Asking price is $2.397 million.