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Notoriously Rough Hollywood Hotel Getting Boutique Makeover

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The Mark Twain Hotel's signage will get restored, too

Hollywood's never-ending hotel boom is a well-documented happening, but this project on Wilcox isn't building something new so much as it is renewed. The Mark Twain Hotel is an establishment that Urbanize LA says was "Already regarded as somewhat of a "flophouse," by the early 1930s," but even a seamy reputation couldn't hide the potential of this 1924 structure.

The plan is to turn it into a 62-room boutique hotel. Property owners Hawkins Way Capital have engaged John Kaliski Architects to oversee the transformation, which will include using photos from the 1930s to steer the new design. "The concept of the upgrade was to suggest the history of the hotel using modern materials and contemporary sensibility," says the architect's website.

The restoration of the hotel will also include refurbishment of the hotel's rooftop Hotel Mark Twain sign, which looked great all lit up in this 1937 photo of the nearby Selma and Wilcox intersection.