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Now Drake is Hosting Jumpsuit Parties at His YOLO Estate

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NFL players are wearing jumpsuits in Drake's backyard for some reason

It's pretty clear at this point that Drake enjoys parties. He calls his house "YOLO." He hosts barbecues with swimming pool-sized foam pits and bars just for shots. He shut down an entire city block in Houston to celebrate a friend's birthday. Knowing that, there doesn't seem to be any reason to think the Canadian rapper wouldn't enjoy a good old fashioned jumpsuit party. That seems to be the logic behind a new viral ad campaign from jumpsuit manufacturer KiD-RiD that uses the hashtag "EpicJumpsuitParty" and uses Drake's house as its backdrop.

All Summer Sixteen. #EpicJumpsuitParty @iam_objxiii @gronk @champagnepapi

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Many internet users were mystified Tuesday when the company released photos of NFL players Rob Gronkowski, Odell Beckham Jr., and Danny Amendola wearing (probably comfortable but still very silly looking) jumpsuits in Drake's recognizable backyard. "Are Gronk and Odell Beckham having a jumpsuit party at Drake's house?" Fox Sports asked. The answer probably depends on whether or not you feel that a photoshoot for a jumpsuit manufacturer constitutes a party. But given that it happened at the YOLO Estate, and how much fun Odell Beckham seems to be having in the below video, it's pretty hard to say no.

Only 100 Made In Each Color. #inmyKiDRiD #DannyAmendola

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Limited Edition "Gronk Cut". Order Now Before It's Too Late. @Gronk #EpicJumpsuitParty #OVOEstate

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@iam_objxiii Killing The Jumpsuit Game. #OVOJordans #100MadeInEachColor #EpicJumpsuitParty

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