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The Terrifying View From the Top of the Future Tallest Tower in the West

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GoPros strapped onto workers give a firsthand look at working in the sky

We've watched the 73-story Wilshire Grand grow via time-lapse and we saw last month as the future tallest tower in the West topped out, but views from inside the building have been few and far between. Now, thanks to the LA Times, there's some thrilling video offering a first-person view of what the workers at the tower see from their job site about 800 feet off the ground.

The short video (about two and a half minutes) manages to offer a range of shots, all of which are more or less terrifying, except the view of the workers' mini-fridge, which was tidy and adequately stocked. The video does kind of ease viewers into the altitude by starting off while it's still dark out, but once the video switches to daytime, it's pretty clear how high up these workers are.

See a few shots from the top and then watch the video below.

Wilshire Grand

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