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Star Wars Characters Break Ground at Disneyland Expansion

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A new 360 degree photo shows construction beginning at Disney's new Star Wars-themed expansion

Well, there's still no news on when Disneyland's much anticipated Star Wars-themed expansion will be opening, but the company decided to tease fans by releasing a 360 degree look at the "official groundbreaking" of the new park area. That's how Disney describes it on the official Disney Parks Blog, anyway. And from that description, you might imagine a few company executives wearing hardhats and smiling awkwardly while holding shovels. Not so. Instead, Disney has turned an otherwise uninteresting photo of Big Thunder Mountain and a bunch of dirt into a curious collage of recognizable people and things from the Star Wars universe--all assisting in the construction effort.

Excavators work alongside stormtroopers as X-Wings and the Millennium Falcon fly overhead. Episode VII fan favorite BB-8 assists members of the construction crew while R2-D2 puzzlingly tries to power up a pair of floodlights in the middle of the afternoon. It's not the most well organized construction site, but it does seem to be a bilateral effort. Both rebel and imperial forces appear to be pitching in, with AT-AT Walkers proving to be very effective cargo transporters.

The new construction site photo might not excite Star Wars fans quite as much as renderings of the soon-to-come Mos Eisley Cantina, but it will probably go a long way in helping them weather their anticipation for the park addition--and get over any grief about all the ride closures that construction will force.


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