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The Rose Bowl Is Bracing for Competition From the New Inglewood Stadium

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The Pasadena venue has to be crafty to score events like concerts and festivals now

The upcoming annual music festival set to come to the Rose Bowl next summer is just the first step in a big Rose Bowl push to brace for the arrival of the NFL's forthcoming Inglewood stadium. The new stadium's 2019 arrival on the scene will mean "an increasingly competitive market for concerts and special events" for the century-old Pasadena venue, and the Rose Bowl is wasting no time in mounting an offensive, says the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

The Arroyo Seco Music and Arts Festival is just the tip of the iceberg. Hosting the festival gives the Rose Bowl "the right of first refusal" to the venue for festival organizer AEG's future stadium-sized events. The Rose Bowl also finished $180-million worth renovations "before the Coliseum and ahead of the NFL’s return," putting them in fighting shape ahead of the pack.

"It’s not being fearful; it’s just recognizing what is there and for us to do everything that we can to keep the Rose Bowl relevant. It’s critically important that we sustain the longevity and viability of the Rose Bowl," says a member of the Rose Bowl Operating Company (RBOC).

How helpful can a three-day festival once a year be to the Rose Bowl. Very. The festival could generate "more than $90 million over the next 20 years," and as a third tenant at the venue (along with UCLA and the Tournament of Roses), it offers the RBOC "to be pickier, thankfully, about who gets to the participate in the history and the glory of the Rose Bowl," says the president of the operating company's board of directors.