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Rustic Ranch in the Hollywood Hills Asking $999,000

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This quirky property occupies three parcels in the Cahuenga Pass, and comes with "what appears to be an old Prohibition tunnel."

One of the more unique properties on the open house circuit today would have to be this one on Valevista Trail in the Cahuenga Pass. Included in the sale is a rustic one-bedroom, two-bath ranch-style house erected in 1949. Evidently custom-built, the 990-square-foot home features lots of built-in shelving and furniture (including a living room bar), French windows, and multiple decks. Sweetening the deal considerably is the fact that the house is sited on a 34,292-square-foot lot made up of three parcels, and what's more, the listing informs us, "there are artifacts scattered throughout the [property's] hillside." These artifacts include "what appears to be an old Prohibition tunnel, an ornate tiled staircase and other possible things to discover." Color us intrigued!