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Mexico City Gifts LA Selfie-Ready Sculpture

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Bronze wings will be up and ready to Instagram in no time

Mexico City clearly "gets" Los Angeles. As a gift from one sister city to another, Mexico's capital just presented LA with a beautiful bronze sculpted selfie opportunity. Technically, of course, it's an incredible work of art by Mexican sculptor Jorge Marin called "Alas de la Ciudad," or "Wings of the City." But given its visual similarities to the oft-Instagrammed angel wings dispersed throughout the city by artist Collette Miller, it seems like only a matter of time before Marin's sculpture becomes one of LA's most popular photo-ops.

My News LA reports that the sculpture was originally part of a temporary public art display in Mexico City that opened in 2010. It was technically gifted to Los Angeles two years ago while Mayor Eric Garcetti was visiting the city on a trade mission. It's taken a little while to transport the sculpture though, and on Thursday it was formally accepted in a ceremony at City Hall.

The next step is going to be actually finding a place to put the pair of shoulder-height wings. Currently, the plan is to install the sculpture in front of City Hall, but a display area must first be planned and designed, and the sculpture has to be formally approved by the city's Cultural Affairs Department. However, a few local officials, including Garcetti and Mexican-born City Council member Jose Huizar, got a few angel poses in early at the acceptance ceremony.

Los Angeles City Hall

200 North Spring Street, , CA 90012