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Landmark Home of Nobel Prize Winner Flips Back to Market in South LA

Sold just three months ago for $115,000, the historic childhood home of U.N. co-founder Ralph Bunche has returned asking for triple that amount.

Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #159, this quaint cottage in Central-Alameda was once home to Ralph J. Bunche, a co-founder of the United Nations and the first African American to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. According to a 2008 post on the extremely informative Big Orange Landmarks, the E. 40th Place cottage sat abandoned for many years before getting restored and converted to a museum dedicated to the pioneering diplomat. The property's stint as a museum was unfortunately short-lived—the former Bunche residence was foreclosed on and sold in 2009, and sold once again a few months later. It last traded hands January 19, 2016 for a mere $115,000. Less than three months later, the 1,300-square-foot cottage has bounced back to market asking $349,000, more than three times its previous sales price.