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Union Station Changing the Way People Pick Up and Drop Off There

Patsaourus Plaza will soon be a little less chaotic

A change in the way people get dropped off at Union Station's Patsaouras Plaza is getting underway this week that could mean less curbside chaos for cars and shorter wait times for buses trying to get out of the plaza on time.

This Monday, construction's beginning on the new Union Station East Passenger Pick-Up/Drop-Off Facility, a fancy name for an open-air parking lot that's going to become the new place for cars to drop people off, effectively cutting cars out of the plaza area so they don't have to "compete" with buses anymore, a Metro release says.

The only ones driving counter-clockwise in Patsaourus soon will be shuttle buses.

The new drop-off area is just a small part of the Union Station Master Plan, Metro's vision for updating and remaking the transit hub that will also include a bike- and pedestrian-friendly makeover for the opposite side of the station, over by Alameda.

Union Station's Getting a New Bike- and Pedestrian-Friendly Makeover at Its Front Entrance [Curbed LA]