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31-Story Tower Headed for Koreatown/Westlake Border

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The new development would bring 644 apartments overlooking Lafayette Park

The Koreatown and Westlake border could soon be getting a 31-story mixed-use tower, with 644 apartments and over 13,000 square feet of commercial space at street level. Urbanize LA reports that prominent landlords Jamison Services have joined forces with frequent business partners Hankey Group to develop the tall tower that would overlook Lafayette Park. Plans for the project were submitted yesterday.

The tower would take out a couple of short commercial structures and a parking lot on the approximately three-acre property at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Hoover Street. (Sunset Place is the property's southern border.) The president of Hankey Group told The Real Deal that the new residential complex would have studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments, and townhouses, and that Large Architecture is designing the tower.

The proposed tower isn't the only one proposed for the Westlake/Koreatown frontier along Wilshire. A long-delayed 18-story tower at Wilshire and Virgil—about two blocks west of Jamison's proposed 31-story tower—has been in the works for years; in late 2014, we heard work was ramping up again.

Jamison, which is known for their landlording, has jumped on a number of residential projects recently, especially in Koreatown. There, the company is converting two of its office buildings into housing, trying to get a 32-story mixed-use complex built near The Line Hotel, and even working a classic seven-story retail/residential building into a lot across from the Wilshire Boulevard Temple. (They're not just busy in Ktown; over by the Staples Center, they've partnered with Hankey and a handfull of others on a dual-tower megadevelopment.)