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The 10 Most Popular Los Angeles Rental Neighborhoods

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Fun, walkable Koreatown tops the list

Los Angeles has a lot of renters competing for a not-very-huge amount of vacant apartments, so to try and find out which neighborhoods are the most sought-after among renters, real estate listings and data site Zumper "studied several thousand emails and calls (inquiries) to rental properties" placed in February 2016.

After all the numbers had been crunched, the neighborhood where the most people seemed to want to live was Koreatown, which "[sent] 15% more inquiries than second place, Mid-City West," says Zumper. Both are fairly centrally located, but Koreatown has a famously fun food and nightlife scene that might tip the scales in its favor, plus great walkability.

The third most desired neighborhood among renters in Zumper's study was Hollywood Hills West. East of the Hollywood Hills and north of Hollywood, the neighborhood "touches popular city streets like Outpost Drive, Sunset Boulevard, Mulholland Drive and Outpost Drive, and Laurel Canyon Boulevard runs down the center of the neighborhood."

As the full list shows, it's not just Central LA that's sought after renters—Van Nuys and Congress North (a segment of South LA that, as Zumper counts it, includes University Park, Exposition Park, and Adams-Normandie) made it into the top 10.

Zumper used the same methods to determine the most sought-after type of apartment, which was a one-bedroom unit. One-bedrooms made up about 40 percent of all inquiries and rented for a median price of $1,500. The second most desirable type of rental was a two-bedroom apartment, renting for a median of $2,220.