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5 Things to See and Do at the End of the Gold Line in Azusa

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Exploring the town at the new end of the Gold Line

Now that the new Gold Line Foothill Extension is up and running, getting out into the heart of the San Gabriel Valley is easier than ever. If you plan on riding the new line to its terminus in the city of Azusa, here's a helpful list of activities to enjoy once you arrive:

Cross the "Bridge to Nowhere"

One of the most popular hikes in the San Gabriel mountains, this ten mile roundtrip expedition takes hikers to an old bridge, built in 1936. The roads on either side of the bridge are long gone, but the structure itself remains. For those seeking a thrilling conclusion to the hike, one company offers the chance to bungee jump off the bridge. Make sure to get an early start when taking this hike. The whole thing will probably take at least six hours.

Visit with the dead

The historic Fairmount Cemetery is a national landmark, and a peaceful peace to spend some time with some of the early pioneers who settled in the San Gabriel Valley. Rumor has it, Wyatt Earp's sister is buried there.

See a movie at '90s prices

While the iconic Foothill Drive-in closed in 2001, Azusa is still a pretty good place to take in a film. The local multiplex charges an astonishing $8.50 for evening shows ($6.50 for matinees). At those prices, you'll have money leftover for popcorn and the ride home.

Bike the river trail

The San Gabriel River Trail begins in Azusa and winds its way all the way down to Seal Beach in Orange County, a grand total of 38 miles of trail. Along the way is a fascinating tour of Southern California's natural and urban landscape.

Drink a beer

With Lagunitas preparing to open a new brewery in Azusa next year, the San Gabriel Valley is set to become a beer manufacturing powerhouse. In the meantime, sit back at the centrally located Congregation Ale House and enjoy a microwbrew in the shadow of Historic Route 66.