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Mid-Century Schindler in Westwood On Market For First Time Ever Asks $1.7 Million

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The historic landmark home was commissioned by artist Adolph Tischler.

Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #506, Westwood's Tischler House was designed by Viennese visionary Rudolph Schindler between 1949 and 1950. The unconventional residence was commissioned by artist Adolph Tischler, who constructed the home's metal fireplace and built-in furniture.

Now on the market for the first time since completion in 1950, the three-story home is, per the listing description, "topped with a blue translucent, sky-like roof resembling an 'upside-down glass-bottomed boat,'" while "glass planes above the kitchen and master bedroom appear to make the house transparent throughout."

Sited on an 8,543-square-foot sloped lot, the property contains three bedrooms and two baths in its main living area, as well as a studio with three-quarter-bath accessed by a separate entrance. There's also a "private side garden" and two-car garage. Asking price is $1.7 million.