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Lingerie Store Becoming Breakup Museum

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Frederick's of Hollywood makes way for Museum of Broken Relationships

There's a new museum coming to Hollywood and it's kind of a downer. The Museum of Broken Relationships, opening in May, promises to offer a thorough examination of heartbreak through the artifacts left in its wake. Whether a vase of fake flowers, an article of clothing, or a forgotten mixtape, any otherwise ordinary item can become a vestige of lost love. That's the theory the museum operates by, anyway. It's an idea that has caught on with art crowds around the world. The Hollywood location will be a sister site of a museum opened in Croatia in 2010, and exhibits have been displayed all over--from Sao Paolo to Singapore.

In an unusual twist of fate, the museum is opening at the longstanding site of Frederick's of Hollywood (the flagship store of the venerable lingerie line will be closing in April). It is tempting to think that some piece of intimate apparel, purchased there in a moment of romantic whimsy, might soon be on display in the very same location as a testament to the bitter sting of love, but that kind of irony might be too much to ask.

In anticipation of its opening, the museum has been staging popup events around the city, usually announced on social media. Better yet, they are currently accepting submissions. If you've been hoarding a piece of morbid memorabilia from a past breakup, now is the time to share it with the world.

The Los Angeles museum's founder is high powered trial attorney John B. Quinn, who evidently got in touch with his sensitive side after a visit to the Croatia location. Assisting him are Museum Director Alexis Hyde and Assistant Director Amanda Vandenberg. The museum will be the first of its kind in the United States, and is slated to open in late May.