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1941 Sherman Oaks House by Harwell Hamilton Harris Wants $1.5M

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Two levels and cool wood cutouts inside

Boasting wide views from this hillside in Sherman Oaks, this 1941 house was designed by architect Harwell Hamilton Harris, a SoCal native who apprenticed for Neutra. The three-bedroom house—supposedly "inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Eagle Feather'" design in Malibu—is spread across two levels and 1,978 square feet. The interior features two bathrooms, built-ins, wood floors, lots of windows, and, in a downstairs bedroom, a hulking stone fireplace. An exciting element of the house are the wood cutouts, like the ones on the wall between the patio and living area. Outside, there's lots of "inspirational brick hardscape," but more inspirational are the views from the outdoor areas. The view of the house from the patio allows visitors to see the interesting roof, which looks like part of a star leaning over the patio. Known as the Elwood E. Schwenk House, the residence is asking $1.5 million.