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Single Unsatisfying Rendering of the AD's Soho Warehouse Revealed

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The pricey private club's space opens next year

Soho Warehouse, the new branch of a private members-only club that booted actual artists out of their rental rehearsal space, continues its steady progress toward bringing a rooftop pool and multiple floors of member amenities to the neighborhood south of Seventh Street, into which the AD continues its gradual but inevitable expansion.

An email from Soho House reveals that the Warehouse is expected to open "in late spring 2017," and it also included one sneak-peak rendering of what's to come—at least for the outside of the building (which is all that many of us will ever see; Soho House dues start at $1,000 a year and go up to $2,800 a year).

Compared to how the warehouse looked from the street before Soho took over, the ground floor has a lot more opportunities for light to enter. (The rendering appears to show the building from the back, facing away from Santa Fe Avenue.) The rooftop shows where the club's pool, which is sadly not pictured, will be joined by a bar and an observation deck with its own lounge. And though we can't see them, the release also mentions 36 bedrooms; previous reports had mentioned 16 members-only rooms, so there's now more space to crash.

The lovely, century-old warehouse will eventually include guest rooms for Soho members, a food market with a restaurant and bar, a spa/salon, a screening room, and a club. Hopefully, more renderings—interior renderings of all the fun stuff—will follow soon.