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Wildly Impractical Sierra Madre Pyramid House Asking $990k

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Is this odd, fun, troublesome house destined for the wrecking ball?

Judging from the listing for this weird, 1970s Sierra Madre pad, things aren't looking too promising for its future: "Property sold 'as-is' condition for land value only, possible build up to 6500 SF new house."

Not a huge surprise, considering that the partly mirrored pyramid reportedly gets hot as a "jungle greenhouse" in the summer—a problem a previous owner sought to alleviate by simply turning the sprinklers on and letting the water wash over the mountain of glass—and, according to the listing copy, is in need of "a lot" of repairs.

Sited on a roughly one-acre property, the glassy structure holds two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spiral staircase that once occupied a London sewer, and is reportedly entered by a giant round door that guests have to physically roll open.

The main residence/pyramid shares the property with a one-bedroom, one-bathroom guest house, a wide patio, and a dusty hot tub. Last sold in 2014 for $790,000, it's back now, asking $990,000.