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First Photos Inside the Abandoned Los Feliz Murder House

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The interior of the infamous mansion has been off limits for decades

Two days ago, the Los Feliz mansion known locally as the Murder House went up for sale. No surprise, the nickname comes from a murder-suicide that happened in the residence in the late 1950s. The mysterious house's legend has had a long time to grow—it sold shortly after the sad events, but the new owners left it untouched and never moved in. And with the exception of some 2012 photos taken by a brave but unauthorized visitor, not many have seen the interior.

But with the 1925 residence newly on the market as a probate sale, there are new listing photos offering a glimpse inside the infamous Spanish Revival mansion. The place is definitely a fixer-upper now, but was obviously, at one time, a total stunner. (We've seen grand houses abandoned for decades look a lot worse, like the old Minnelli mansion in Beverly Hills.)

Built-ins, hardwood floors, nice tile in the bathrooms, French doors everywhere, and a mirrored fireplace are just a few of the features documented in the new photos. The four-bedroom, three-bathroom house is at varying degrees of disrepair throughout and the third-floor ballroom and bar have a bit of an Overlook Hotel feel, but, as listing agent Nancy Sanborn tells Curbed, there's nothing grisly about the place. (At least, not anymore.)

In 1959, the physician who lived in the house killed his wife, unsuccessfully attempted to kill his oldest daughter, and then took his own life. No one actually knows why the tragedy occurred, though the family did have mounting financial troubles.

The house sold not long after the incident to a Lincoln Heights couple, Emily and Rudy Enriquez, though it's believed they never lived there and only briefly attempted to rent it out. The couple's son Rudy inherited the dwelling, but he died last year and had no children.

The 1920s house sits "Perched on a hill up a long drive way with sweeping views," on an approximately half-acre property near Griffith Park. Marketed as an opportunity for a remodel (paging all house flippers) or new development, it's listed for $2.75 million.

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