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The Osbournes Bought a Tasteful Hancock Park House on the Sly

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Sharon and Ozzy paid about $12 million for the 1930s Spanish Colonial

It looks like the Osbournes have found a new home, and they don't want anyone to know about it. Variety reports that the couple has scooped up a 1930s Spanish Colonial in Hancock park for just under $12 million in an off-market sale. The house was previously owned, and lovingly "restored and extensively upgraded" by Saw producer Oren Koules, along with nightclub owner and Top Chef Canada judge Shereen Arazm. Before that, the house belonged to radio personality Frank Bresee, who sold it in 2010.

The 9,000-square-foot house has eight bedrooms and eight baths, with an impressive entryway and a pool installed by the previous owners. The tasteful design choices made by Koules and Arazm will likely be thrown out the window by the Osbournes, who plan to work with celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard on a complete redesign.

The Osbournes last made real estate headlines when they sold their Hidden Hills home to Jessica Simpson in 2013. After a stint in West Hollywood, it seems they are retreating to a quieter existence in the heart of one of LA's most stately neighborhoods.