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LA's Unbuilt NFL Stadium Already in the Running to Host the Super Bowl

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The stadium opens in 2019 and could have a Super Bowl the next year

Fun fact about Los Angeles: it was the site of the very first Super Bowl back in 1967. More than 60,000 fans packed the LA Memorial Coliseum to watch the big game, launching a winter tradition that's morphed into a multi-million-dollar sports spectacular, featuring Coldplay. In the decades to come, the LA area would host six more NFL Championship games, culminating in Super Bowl XXVII at the Rose Bowl in 1993. One year later, the NFL was out of Los Angeles completely, and the big game hasn't been back since.

But now the NFL is returning to LA (the Rams, if you haven't heard) and soon it may see its decades-long Super Bowl drought come to an end. NFL owners are meeting later this year to decide the Super Bowl venues for 2019, 2020, and 2021, and, according to KPCC, LA's future NFL stadium in Inglewood is in the mix.

In May, NFL's Super Bowl Advisory Committee will convene in Charlotte, North Carolina to decide among the cities vying to host Super Bowls 53, 54, and 55. Los Angeles is among those in the running for the latter two events. Owners will be deciding between Atlanta, South Florida, Tampa, and Los Angeles.

LA's $2-billion NFL stadium won't even be finished until 2019, but it's already made it on the NFL's radar in a big way—they've even made some rule changes to help LA's chances. Normally, the league requires a stadium be in use for two seasons before it becomes eligible to host the Super Bowl, which would have put the Inglewood stadium out of the running until at least 2021, but the league has recently waived that requirement. And LA's Inglewood stadium is the only future NFL stadium that would benefit from this rule change.

Besides LA, only Minnesota and Atlanta are set to open new NFL stadiums, and Minnesota is already hosting the 2018 Super Bowl two years after it's 2016 opening. Atlanta's stadium would be two seasons old by the time 2019 rolls around. So it seems as if the rule change was made specifically to put LA in the running.