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Two-Story, Glow-in-the-Dark Rabbits Coming to Downtown LA

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The enormous inflatable bunnies will be set up in three locations

A herd of giant glow-in-the-dark rabbits will soon be arriving in Downtown LA. The rabbits are part of a national tour of Intrude, a public art installation by Australian artist Amanda Parer. Parer's large inflatable rabbits have already been displayed in cities around the world, but now Arts Brookfield has commissioned the construction of two mega rabbits to join the five that Parer originally created. These behemoth bunnies each stand more than two stories high, with the taller sculpture measuring in at 39 feet.

The rabbits have proven popular with families and selfie seekers alike, but Parer is hoping spectators will be able to appreciate a larger significance to the installations. In Australia, rabbits have wreaked havoc on the nation's ecosystem to the point that an enormous fence was constructed to keep the population under control.

In a press release, Parer says: "I expect people will be drawn to the rabbits’ playful appearance, and I hope they will also take the time to understand the deeper meaning in the work and discuss how our actions impact the environment."

These somber undertones are reflected in the name of the installation. Though the big glowing bunny visitors might be cute, Parer wants people to remember they can also be seen as intruders in the cities where they are displayed.

Brookfield, which had its own issues with occupiers not too long ago, will be displaying the rabbits at three of its most prominent Downtown properties: FIGat7th, Bank of America Plaza, and the Wells Fargo Center. Start clearing your calendar now if you want to see them though—they won't be around for long. With the rabbits in high demand in cities worldwide (they just left DC), the sculptures will only be on display from June 5 to June 11.