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11 Secrets of Los Angeles's Best Museums

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The Getty, The Broad, the Natural History Museum and more spill their best dirt

We're two days into the #MuseumWeek campaign across Instagram and Twitter, and museum accounts are overflowing with tidbits of info from Los Angeles's best institutions (as well as those around the world), sharing secret details and behind-the-scenes looks at the treasures in their collections. Taking a page from our friends at Curbed NY, we've combed through to find the coolest revelations.

Pasadena's Norton Simon Museum explained how a restoration effort led to the discovery that a Seventeenth Century Dutch painting had been altered to make it look like a man in the foreground was sitting on a stool, when in fact he was "answering a call to nature"; the Natural History Museum gave Twitter a three-part glimpse into its "pelt vault." LACMA, the Getty Center, and more also revealed some cool insider intel.