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New Look at Downtown Pacific Palisades's Grove-Style Makeover

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You can almost hear the piped-in music

Rick Caruso has built up an empire of shopping centers that look like nostalgic Main Streets ripped from a dream (The Grove, Americana at Brand), and one of his in-the-works projects is pretty much all of downtown Pacific Palisades, which he's calling Palisades Village. Caruso has envisioned turning the posh neighborhood's sleepy main drag into a fully Grovey retail heaven, as seen in full detail in new renderings (via Urbanize LA).

The new views of Palisades Village, designed by Elkus Manfredi Architects, show one- and two-story buildings spread out with trees, little green spaces, and seating mixed in between.

According to the website for the project, the complete, renovated downtown Pac Pal will include a five-screen movie theater (a new iteration of the Bay Theater, which hasn't operated since 1978), a "specialty" grocery store, and more parking courtesy of an underground garage.

The new shops and eateries will be arranged on and around a more pedestrian-friendly Swarthmore Avenue (wider sidewalks, reduced to one car-traffic lane) and the remade downtown's new "centerpiece" will be a park off Swarthmore and Monument, previously a parking lot.

The remodel of downtown Pac Pal is expected to open in late 2017.