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Inside a Decadent 1938 Moderne Mansion in Glendale

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This six-bedroom house by Sumner Spaulding has plenty of cool Art Deco design features and a pizza oven

Constructed in 1938, this Streamline Moderne house was designed by architect Sumner Spaulding, known for his Case Study No. 2 house and the iconic Avalon Casino on Catalina Island. Occupying more than 8,000 square feet of a one-acre lot, the house has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Per the listing, features include an elegant glass entryway, multiple patios, and a sizable wine cellar.

The house also contains several unusual design elements, including a pizza oven, an extra-large laundry room, and dining room walls painted with a calming pastoral scene. A circular office space features panoramic windows, and the house boasts some nice views of the nearby Oakmont Country Club and San Gabriel Mountains. A spacious master bath also offers impressive views, and another bathroom features some pretty wild shower doors emblazoned with scantily clad and feather waving Deco ladies.

If the winding staircase in the front hall proves too disorienting, there's also an elevator that leads to the upper level.

To get a more in-depth view of the house, or to enviously watch a couple of seemingly carefree kids play in the yard and jump in the pool, check out this video tour. The six bedroom home is asking $3.5 million.