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This 1970s Pasadena Hillside House Makes Wood Paneling Look Great

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The handsome house overlooks the Annandale Golf Course

The triple threat of high ceilings, big windows, and wood paneling in the living room of this remodeled 1979 Pasadena residence are certainly a winning combination. The roughly 4,500-square-foot house overlooking the Annandale Golf Course is so much more than its wooded good looks.

Beyond the paneling, there's a formal dining room with balcony access, a kitchen with a breakfast area, and a large master bedroom with a cavernous walk-in closet and a fireplace.

The house has a total of four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, one half bathroom, and multiple balconies and outdoor patios, plus an office and guest suite that aren't even included in the total square footage.

That guest suite offers easy access to the pool, which is shielded by the property's perimeter trees and landscaping. The house is listed for $2.198 million.