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LA's Top 10 Most Expensive Neighborhoods For Two-Bedrooms

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The Westside takes the top two spots on the list

Moving in with a roommate and don't have a lot to throw around on rent? Don't look in Westwood. The rental listings site Apartment List put together their March Los Angeles Rent Report by analyzing "thousands of local listings" to find the median rent for two-bedroom apartments in LA, and then, to single out the most expensive neighborhood for those apartments, says LA Weekly.

The winner in that category is Westwood, where a median two-bedroom rents for $4,200 a month. Most likely, the pricey rent is tied to the high demand for apartments close to UCLA's campus, and, as LAW noted, is likely being split between a couple students.

The second most expensive place to rent in LA is Marina del Rey, where the median two-bedroom rents for $3,640, and which is the "perennial champ" when it comes to being really expensive for renters. Unlike Westwood, MdR is a family neighborhood, meaning less rent-sharing. Third place goes to Downtown LA, which sees a median two-bedroom rent for $3,350.

Los Angeles is, overall, getting less affordable for renters, but there are still plenty of bargains out there. A recent heatmap of median rents showed that there are still a handful of places on the Westside, near Marina del Rey and Westwood, where the median's not sky-high (relatively speaking).