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Someone Finally Partied Too Hard for the Infamous Hollywood Hills Party Mansion

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A Saudi prince's decadent graduation party basically destroyed the place

By now, the cluster of glassy mansions in the Hollywood Dell owned by developer Danny Fitzgerald have a pretty solid reputation as places where wild parties go down and reality TV shows occasionally film. The festivities have consistently infuriated neighbors, who hate the noise and traffic the soirées bring to their windy, narrow streets. Their concerns often fell on Fitzgerald's deaf ears; he has often painted nearby residents as wet blankets who complain too much, hate fun, and have it in for him.

But now, the tables have turned and Fitzgerald is up in arms about a raucous party, having to deal with a wealthy tenant whose massive celebration caused over $80,000 worth of damages to the house. Including lost rent for the time the space was off the market in order to do repairs, Fitzgerald estimates he lost about $300,000, so that's what he is now suing the tenant for, reports the LA Times. "It was horrible," Fitzgerald told the Times. "The guy just took full abuse of my home."

The tenant, a Saudi prince named Aziz al Saud, seems to have been staying at the house while he wrapped up his studies at Pepperdine University in Malibu. (The excessive bash was his graduation party.) A worker for the prince signed a one-month lease in August, and Fitzgerald says the two parties agreed that the prince could throw just one big, fun event.

Unfortunately, Fitzgerald claims, the prince really made the most of his month in the mansion, trashing the place, regularly disrupting the neighborhood, and throwing parties that went long into the night.

The final straw was the prince's graduation party, which was attended by over 800 people, and featured "guests doing drugs ... and strippers dancing on kitchen countertops." Spilled drinks caused some hardwood floors in the house to buckle, and revelers caused damage to furniture and walls in the house that amounted to $86,379, Fitzgerald claims.

The whole incident seems to have opened Fitzgerald up. The guy who has referred to the neighbors who complain about his parties as "f—ing assholes" seems to be newly penitent, acknowledging that his houses were a problem, but that they were only an issue from 2012 to 2014—a time when he says the houses were out of his control and in the hands of a realtor he doesn't name. "The only mistake I've made in the last two and a half years was this prince rental. Here I am putting my reputation back together and then he just destroys it in one month."

Apparently, Fitzgerald and the neighbors were recently the subjects of a TV show that's helped him see the error of his ways. Through the filming, he said, he "learned a lot from the neighbors and we got close." Pretty good timing for an epiphany, as he's also hoping those neighbors will testify in court for his case against the prince.